3. Compensation policy and principles

Sonovaʼs objective is to engage the best talent needed to ensure our success and maintain our position as the worldʼs leading manufacturer and provider of innovative hearing care solutions and services. To support this objective, our compensation system is based on the following principles: 

We are committed to the principle of equal pay for equal work and are taking all necessary steps in our job evaluation and leveling processes to ensure a fair compensation system. We regularly review compensation in terms of relevant local legal and regulatory equal pay requirements as they continue to evolve. Internally, we analyze whether we pay female and male employees equally for the same job or for a job of the same value and take corrective actions if necessary.

The compensation of the Board of Directors consists of fixed compensation only, paid partly in cash and partly in the form of restricted shares. The independence of the Board of Directors in its supervisory function is reinforced by the practice that no performance-related compensation is awarded.

The compensation of the Management Board consists of fixed and variable, performance-based, compensation components. The base salary and benefits form the fixed components and are determined based on current market practice. The performance-based compensation includes a short-term cash incentive (VCC) and a long-term equity incentive (EEAP). Performance targets for the VCC and EEAP are defined at the beginning of the performance period and assessed at the end.

To avoid compensation for inappropriate risk taking or short-term profit maximization at the expense of the long-term health of the company, a cap applies to both the short-term and the long-term variable compensation component and claw-back provisions are applicable to the VCC.