Our product and service offering

Sonova is a global leader in innovative hearing care solutions: from personal audio devices and wireless communication systems to audiological care services, hearing aids, and cochlear implants. Our product brands – Phonak, Unitron, Sennheiser (under license), and Advanced Bionics – create compelling new products to offer the optimal solution for an ever growing consumer base through our globally diversified sales and distribution channels, including our well established global audiological care business.

    Phonak Audéo™ Lumity

    Phonak Lumity delivers an enlightening hearing experience. This next generation of solutions is based on a strong heritage of audiological expertise and incorporates the proven reliability and innovation of lithium-ion technology. Phonak Lumity, the first fully rechargeable RIC portfolio, delivers unique products and features.

    Phonak SmartSpeech Technology focuses on improved speech understanding and reduced listening effort 1,2,3), particularly in challenging environments. The wearer will be able to fully immerse in conversations and enjoy easier hearing in many situations, in quiet or even in environments with background noise, such as a restaurant.

    It is a new dimension in directional microphone technology, with improved speech detection and speech understanding through new StereoZoom 2.0 and SpeechSensor. Until now, directional microphone technology has been one dimensional with sharp focus on a single or main source of sound. StereoZoom 2.0 provides a smoother, gradual and continuously adaptive focus on a conversation partner while simultaneously maintaining a balance of environmental awareness.

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    Unitron Vivante™ platform

    Unitron’s new platform Vivante™, introduced in April 2023, helps consumers live life to its fullest and enjoy all the sounds that come with it. Sound performance is Unitron’s best yet. Integra OS has evolved with a new 8th listening environment, conversation in loud noise, with HyperFocus which improves signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for face-to-face conversations in loud noise environments. Vivante features a new 360 conversation in car manual program that automatically focuses on speech regardless of where passengers are sitting.

    Furthermore, it features two new Moxi™ RIC products and a newly designed charger with a magnetic pull insertion which makes it easy for consumers to insert and remove their hearing aids. The new platform also has Unitron’s suite of Experience Innovation tools that empower each consumer to personalize their listening experience to suit their lifestyle.

    Vivante products offer Made For All connectivity so consumers can stream phone calls and other media right to their hearing aids with just a tap. Whatever their lifestyle, the Moxi Vivante family of hearing aids is designed to deliver the good life right to their ears.


    Conversation Clear Plus

    The Sennheiser 1) Conversation Clear Plus was introduced in January 2023 and features advanced speech enhancement technology to let conversations take center stage in every interaction. With their smart, intuitive features, these earbuds help people understand conversations in noisy environments, such as in a busy restaurant or on a loud street.

    Utilizing sophisticated Sonova chip technology, conversations and calls are enhanced thanks to the Sennheiser Automatic Scene Detection feature, which analyzes the noise level of a user's environment and matches the speech enhancement level to their surroundings. Automatic Scene Detection ensures the clearest speech in challenging environments, be it in person or on the phone. In concert with Active Noise Cancellation, Conversation Clear Plus works dynamically to block distracting noises and improve the clarity of conversations for every level of background noise. Conversation Clear Plus lets you choose how much background noise you want to hear. Active Noise Cancellation blocks out distractions, while the Ambient Awareness mode enables more connection with the outside environment when desired.

    Conversation Clear Plus complements the new Sennheiser Hearing product category, which comprises products for crystal clear assistive listening with comfort and convenience.

    1. Sennheiser is a registered trademark of Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG and is used under license by Sonova
    Advanced Bionics

    Naída™ CI Marvel

    Through the close collaboration between the brands Advanced Bionics (AB) and Phonak, people with severe or profound hearing loss can now benefit from the breakthrough Marvel cochlear implant technology. With AB’s Sky CI™ Marvel, the world’s first dedicated CI sound processor for children, and Naída™ CI Marvel for adults, people can connect to the moments they love.

    Marvel technology also benefits people with bimodal fittings1) through the introduction of Phonak Sky Link Marvel and the Naída Link Marvel. As a bimodal system, these devices wirelessly communicate with each other and feature all of the connectivity benefits of Marvel, including Sonova’s unique universal Bluetooth® connectivity and RogerDirect™.

    Naída CI Marvel is powered by AutoSense OS™ 3.0, which delivers excellent sound quality and performance in a variety of situations throughout the day. This machine-learning algorithm analyzes the sounds in the listener’s environment every 0.4 seconds and identifies whether the listener is, for example, in a noisy restaurant, car, concert hall, or at home. It then engages the appropriate cochlear implant system features to customize and enhance their hearing experience based on the specific characteristics of the listening environment. AutoSense Sky OS™ 3.0 works similarly to the adult version but is uniquely designed for a child’s typical listening environments, providing excellent sound quality and performance wherever the child goes.

    1. Many people hear through one hearing aid and one cochlear implant in what’s known as a bimodal fitting.

      The Bluetooth® word mark is a registered trademark owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Sonova AG is under license.

    SilentCloud™ tinnitus app

    A constant ringing, whistling or buzzing sound – 10 to 15% of the adult population experience tinnitus and 20% of those affected experience it as bothersome, or even debilitating, requiring clinical intervention.1) In addition, four out of five people who have tinnitus also experience some degree of hearing loss.2)

    In February 2023, Sonova Audiological Care announced the launch of the SilentCloud app for tinnitus management. This service supports the innovative consumer journey portfolio and holistic approach of Audiological Care, as well as Sonova’s strategic goal to reach more people who have hearing loss by engaging with them earlier in their hearing care journey.

    SilentCloud is a user-centered, medical app for tinnitus management which consolidates a range of proven therapies recommended in international clinical guidelines.3) It combines Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, education, and sound therapies to help people manage their tinnitus, supported by an AC hearing care professional.

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    3. Please consult https://www.lapperre.be/nl/tinnitus/silentcloud/bibliotheek/ if you are interested in further information regarding supporting evidence for SilentCloud.