Corporate governance

Information policy

The Sonova Group pursues an open and active information policy. A governing principle of this policy is to treat all stakeholders alike and to inform them at the same time. It is our aim to inform our shareholders, employees, and business partners in the most direct, open, and transparent way possible about our strategy, our global activities, and the current state of the company.

All publications are made available to all shareholders, the media, and the stock exchange at the same time. All shareholders entered in the share register automatically receive the summary report, an invitation to the AGM and, on request, a copy of the annual report of Sonova Holding AG. Sonova uses a news service that delivers press releases to interested stakeholders.

The website of the Sonova Group contains information on the company results and the financial calendar as well as current investor presentations. The Investor Relations function includes presentations of annual and interim results, investor presentations, and presentations held at other events.

On the website, it is possible to subscribe to news alerts about Sonova via email. Messages are sent in English and German, and it is possible to state theme preferences for the alerts received. All Sonova media releases can be found at

More information tools, permanent sources of information, and contact addresses are shown at the end of this annual report.