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Securities trading policy and
black-out periods

The Board of Directors maintains a policy that prohibits the use of confidential information by corporate insiders. It institutes blocking periods to prevent insiders from trading in securities of Sonova Holding AG during sensitive time periods and requires pre-trading clearance for members of the Board of Directors, the Management Board, and selected employees.

This policy defines general trading blackout periods, during which the members of the Board of Directors and the Management Board as well as certain employees of Sonova Group are prohibited from trading in securities of Sonova Holding AG and/or related financial instruments, subject to exemptions provided by Swiss law (e.g., for share buyback programs). The recurring trading blackout periods begin one month prior to the end of any half year or full year reporting period of Sonova and ending two full trading days following the respective public release. The exact dates are communicated by email to all persons involved. Sonova may impose additional special trading blackout periods at any time for any reason.

In cases of personal hardship, the CEO and the CFO, acting jointly and following consultation with the Group General Counsel, may allow exceptions to a Black-out Period upon reasoned request by the employee concerned. In case options or warrants granted under any employment compensation plan falls within a black-out period and if the applicable plan provides for the automatic exercise or sale of such options or warrants during the black-out period, such options or warrants may be automatically exercised or sold during the black-out period by the plan administrator and as provided for in the relevant plan.